6:37 AM

The TV, radios and Internet, social networking sites in particular is bombarded with messages and stories about the tech icon Steve Jobs, which no one can deny, the truly modern inventor of this generation.

People who might reach this blog probably have heard or read it from news site about Steve Jobs's death which was caused by pancreatic cancer so I wouldn't be sharing much about that headlines.

Well, I just happened to like a corporate company here in the Philippines on Facebook and seen their message to Steve Jobs's passing. One thing that caught my attention is the status just under their message. 

If you have enlarged it, you might noticed it too. The company's promo of Samsung Galaxy Tab, I just find it funny because Samsung and Steve Jobs' Apple are direct competitor in the tablet product line and including phones. 

Another thing, as seen from the photo, FB likes of message to Apple is much higher compare to Samsung. Does it mean, Apple still dominates? As the two battles for domination, it has been on the news that both were suing each on patent copyright issues. In here, Samsung sued Apple in Netherlands accusing the Cupertino-based company of infringing patents with its iPhone and iPad products that utilise 3G technology.

On the other hand, Apple already filed a case to counter the Samsung claims.

Everyone are expressing their iSad messages but for someone who have watched the movie Pirates of the Silicon Valley, all I could say is that Apple and Steve Jobs is truly a brilliant person, an entrepreneur by heart. He has established a standards in tech industry and he will always be remembered. Goodbye Steve Jobs may you be in iHeaven now.