6:17 AM

An episode of Pinoy Abroad, a GMA station TV program that features our fellow Filipino's life in abroad and their families left in the country.

From this episode, it features a young girl from Cotabato City who tries her luck to earn for a living for her family at her very young age but she wasn't lucky enough to have her dreams come true.

Also from this episode, it features how recruiter's racket to have a young person mostly girls to obtain a new birth certificate with their age added to qualify to work abroad. Some names were even changed and all that.

I believe the issue on this episode should awaken government agencies be it local and national. This is very alarming, instead of bragging that the country is earning a lot from our OFW's remittances they should do something to lessen the minors being to sent abroad.

Just like what happened to the girl from this Pinoy Abroad episode, they don't have any idea what really happens to her as to why she's out of her mind most of the times or might have obtained a psychological problem when she worked abroad.

Any rate, watch the video below.

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