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I fell in love with Ajax. Whew! my last post regarding CMS and web development was June 2008 and yet i have not added anything new. Been really busy in learning new things and working in an 8am-5pm job.

Since I started to used CakePHP framework i learned some basic and advance features of Cakephp. Now, i've already tried to create a directory page rendered in AJAX. By the way, Cakephp is using Prototype.js and Scriptaculous which is one of the most popular AJAX framework/Web 2.0 javascript.

Once you started to use AJAX based webpage, you would like to put it all to your website. Since the evolution of AJAX, developers enjoyed it but without being noticed by users.

Anyway, to users who haven't noticed about AJAX effects here's some sample features:
  • Displaying contents without even forwarding to the next page.
  • Web-based chat features like Google Talk and Yahoo Mail Chat
  • Ability to drag and drop photos and other objects.
There's a lot more AJAX features that we're enjoying nowadays and once i have a web project i'll put some AJAX stuff too.

Anyway, this is just a few thoughts about AJAX and I'll be posting more about this topic once i mastered it. Though i'm using it on CakePHP framework, i'll explore it on non-framework based PHP so i can differentiate it too.

So, till next blogging..


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