6:16 PM

Photo taken two years ago around August 25,2006.

Here's a picture of the boy that was so tired that he didn't even noticed that he was so asleep from waiting for people that will go out from the bar to ask for food, money or anything.

I was drunk the time that i took this picture. Maybe he's drunk too hehe..

I believed that this boy just couldn't make it through the night to keep on waiting for graces. But take note, he's just taking a nap, as soon as he's awake again he will continue from what he does. Just share him a penny he will stop bothering you (Though he will ask from your companion too hehe) Anyway, this only shows that poverty in Philippines is not just in Metro Cities but also in small cities.

Well, poverty isn't just in the Philippines but it's a global concern. Can't say anything else bout this picture.


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