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Weekend is just days ago and I intend to go out of town but what's all about this May 21st Doomsday Day? As far as I could remember, this May 21st Doomsday thing has been all over the Internet just a month or two months ago with advertisements banners.

Do you believe on this controversial issue? Well, here's a news from Chicago tribune.

Chicago tribune's report quoted below,

“Then the whole universe is going to be destroyed by fire," says Camping in a network interview.

Camping created a formula based on bible verses to calculate the day the world ends.

“He uses rather sophisticated mathematical equations that are tied to one date.. the date of the flood from Noah’s Ark,” says history professor, Matthew Makley at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Camping’s faithful followers took it from there, traveling the country, spreading the word.

“There's going to be a worldwide earthquake and what's going to happen is the graves are going to open up, the dead and Christ are going to rise first," says one of his many followers.

“There have been at least 100 predictions tied to the end of the world or the apocalypse,” Makley challenges Camping’s accuracy. “He admitted at the time that his numbers weren’t entirely precise but this time he`s sure that his numbers add up,” he adds.

So why do we keep hearing these types of predictions? Makley says its’ the human desire to know exactly when the end might be that fuels our obsession with the apocalypse.

Watch interview on Harold Camping, the head of a Christian broadcast group called Family Radio.