5:53 AM

LA Lakers now starting to hate the playoffs this year by having 0 wins over Dallas Mavericks who won today with a score of 91 over Lakers 83. Mavericks impressed their fans in the second game headed by Dirk Dirk Nowitzki with 24 points while Shawn Marion had 14 and Jose Barea had 12 off the bench.
dirk nowitzki

Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 23 points but that was on 8 of 20 shooting. Pau Gasol on the other hand was 5 of 12 for 13 points while Ron Artest was 4 of 10 for 11 points and Lamar Odom was a dreadful 3 of 12 for 6 points. Steve Blake (0 for 5) was booed by Staples Center fans late, as they’d seen enough.

Only Andrew Bynum was bright spot as he scored 18 points and grabbing 13 rebounds on the night.

However, the Lakers played a bad game. The Mavericks didn’t play a great one, but they just played a little better and, more importantly, shot a little better (42%).

The series now heads to Dallas where Mark Cuban and the Maverick fans are waiting to give Kobe and Phil a piece of their minds. Lakers fans, gird your loins.