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People's Champ Manny Pacquiao made it known to public that he is against the RH Bill which is one of the hottest issue here in the Philippines.

Yesterday, Sen. Miriam Santiago commented on Pacquiao and said he made a mistake in interpreting the Bible.

Today, Pacquiao's mom or otherwise known as Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao's comments came after Santiago saying,

“Huwag ang anak ko ang pakialaman niyo. [Ang pakialaman niyo] yung malaswa, yung malaswa!” she said.

Mommy Dionisia said her son has a right to express his opposition to the bill.

“Ano tingin nila kay Manny, tau-tauhan? Di ba congressman sya?” she said.

'Following Lord's commandments'

She further said her son is just following the commandments of the Lord.

“Para kay Senator Miriam, parang binasura niya ang anak ko… bakit mababa ang tingin niya sa anak ko? Si Manny, sinusunod lang ang utos ng Diyos,” she said.

Mommy Dionisia also denied daughter-in-law Jinkee is still using birth control pills.

“Noon pa gumagamit si Jinkee, noong bago palang sila mag-asawa. Pero ngayon, wala na,” she said.

The Pacman’s mom also proudly related how she practiced natural family planning as approved by the Catholic church.

“Ang mister ko, di sya ma kontrol eh… tinuruan sya ng calendar [method]. Ang calendar walang kasalanan ‘yan,” she said.

Despite her words, Dionisia denied she is angry at Senator Santiago, saying she is simply defending her son.

Santiago just said "Maghanap na lang tayo ng ibang ka-debate" on her interview earlier tonight.

What do you think on RH Bill issue?

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