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It's now march 2009 and the gap with the last post i have here is almost 5 months. Honestly, i admit that im not really a regular blogger that almost post everyday.

The last post i have was Loving Ajax which i really did because i even studied ExtJS for a month and learned a lot before the year 2009 starts. Anyway, what actually brought me again here was share what i really do when i got home from my day time job.

Here's my some kinda short story about me. Upon getting home I have to well greet my wife, say hello to my 6 months old baby boy and of course change my clothes. Immediately after some few chit chat with my wife and sharing my work the whole day I have to prepare our dinner and everything. Of course after eating I really have to smoke a little(that's one stick of Marlboro) and it's not good for babies, i know, that's why i smoke outside of the house . After getting done with the stick i have to...Yah right "do the dishes!". Though not that regular but most of the time i really do. Like right now, i still haven't washed the dishes because i decided to surf the net and i was reminded by my wife to do the dishes that's why i have this post. What really enjoy me washing dishes is removing some tallow using our Joy dishwashing liquid. I have been using Joy since i was still in college because of its great results in washing.

Anyway, I'm really getting somewhere here and i don't mean to sound like promoting dishwashing liquid hehe.. Actually I'm still on the process finalizing my personal web project which is Cotabato Exchange and hopefully launch it sooner. The site is of course developed using CakePHP framework with Scriptaculous and Prototype javascript frameworks. It's hosted on a freehosting site that i found in Google. Site's main purpose is an on-line directory for Cotabato City. Although i just add-on the on-line trading and forum that's why i extended my target day of launching it publicly to my friends and other contacts.

And, i really have to wash the dish. (lol)


hope4peace said...

'bout cotabatoexchange, yes this is a great idea, actually i've been checking on the cotabato city gov't website about classified ads especially on real estate, cannot find one, I usually go to davaosale.com. Konting advertizement siguro sa radio or print media. Volunteering services, donations especially with this time of calamity meron namang LGU di mo naman matrust. Sana gawa kyo group na maghelp in times of crisis bukod sa red cross kasi i know we cotabatenos, we do care too!

hope4peace said...

I think i have posted several comments to your blogs na di ko na noticed, masaya lang ako na may nagbablog na tga cotabato City! Hurray!E-portal site ng DXOL-MS pwede mo rin i post ang cotabatoexchange site mo for ad

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