9:08 PM

My schedule for blood donation was last August 2008 but I happened to skip since i've been so busy. It was also the month when my son Izian came to this world (August 18,2008).

If i get lucky to schedule for donation this month or next month then I will be donating again. Anyway, here are some quoted benefits from healthmad.

"Blood donation removes some of the excess iron which can cause free radical formation in the body. In fact, studies have shown that men who donate blood on a regular basis have a lower risk of heart disease. With heart disease being the number one cause of death in males, this is, indeed, an important health benefit of donating blood."

My very first donation was on college days and to be honest it wasn't the benefits that i really cared for. I don't know what really comes into my mind that i was encouraged to donate that time. All i remember is that they offer a lot of food and drinks hehe..

I was wishing that i got an opportunity to donate blood to the late Francis M. (well i'm "B" while F.M. is "O" hehe..shows that i really can't) who just passed away 12:20PM today. We really gonna miss you. With this, i encourage some folks to share some blood.


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