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Got so touched by the performance of Gloc 9, Andrew and the rest of the band on Eat Bulaga's Francis M tribute edition. Been listening to some Francis M. stuff i have on my PC then decided to watch some videos from YouTube. Here's the video.

From this tribute performance, i would say that I was carried away with Gloc 9. I really felt so attached with the lost of Francis M.

Who's Francis M into my life anyway? Well, since i was a kid, i already grow up with his songs and taste of music. It started when i was still in grade school, the time when New wave hits are still in the air until i got into high school when rap metal started. I remember in some episode in his MTV show "Life's a beach" he would request their staff to play some Rage Against the Machine as their background. Then i thought of it as new type of rap music although Francis M has been collaborating with E-heads before and i didn't expect that new rap-metal artist like Slapshock, Cheese, Kamikazee and some others would evolved.

Francis M's music has been my influenced and until now. Some of his advocacies in life are laid down to his lyrics and that's one of the reasons i'm really a fan of him.

TO Francis M,

RIP. See you when i get there..

one of your biggest fan, ianemv


worryfree said...

Nice. Nakakatouch nga talaga. Pero para namang praning si Andrew dun, hehe.. Out of place siya. Idol ko din si FrancisM. May lyric sheet ako nung Freeman na may autograph nia. Gawaan ko rin sana ng post kaya lang nasa Kabacan un, hehe..

ianemv said...

Wala na talaga akong pag-asang makakuha ng autograph ni FrancisM.

kaingit ka naman..pa-photocopy na lang ng lyric sheet mo na may autograph niya..hehe

hope4peace said...

Allan Burdeos the Kamikazee drummer is from Cotabato City! Matanda na ako to appreciate their songs but I am proud of him kasi pamangkin ko sya hehehe!

ianemv said...

Hi hope..I didn't know that. Thanks for that info. I should be proud of him too.

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