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Few days ago, I decided to change my cotabato exchange's layout into a simple yet appealing design. Since I am not that artistic when it comes to web designing, I downloaded from Styleshout a CSS template which i really think would fit to what i'm looking for. Simple yet appealing!

Here's the previous design of cotabato exchange.

For the info of readers, this project is basically cotabato's directory of offices, establishments and etc. Visitors are also allowed to register here to post for products they want to buy or sell..yah on-line trading. Being a Cotabato cititzen, i am also interested to have an on-line trading site like davaoexchange,gensanexchange that's why i made this site..

comments on cotabato exchange is welcome.


Cyril Pauya said...

Cool! The new design looks better.

I suggest however that you register your domain now. Someone might "get" the idea. :)

ianemv said...

I really appreciate your suggestion sir..will do that the soonest. =)

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