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On March 31, my wife Ariane flew to Manila for a job interview. Of course, we took some pictures before their departure. Me and my wife really didn't took pictures that much but to the nanny of my wife's friend from a certain province who was so excited to see an airplane. =)

According to the husband of my wife's friend (also their classmate back in college) named Jolly, the nanny wasn't even got to sleep the night before his wife's departure because she was really excited. When the plane Cebu Pacific arrived from Manila, she would repeatedly says that the plane just arrived. Jolly's father told her that she can go outside to see how does the plane looks like when it lands. So, she rushed outside just to see for herself but she immediately returned and told us that she didn't have the chance to see it. By the way, we were inside the airport's secured area =)

After that, Heidi (Jolly's wife) told us that she selected a seat on a window's side, which the nanny found interesting (and also my wife hehe..). Jolly's father started to describe what you are going to see when you are on that seat. Islands, clouds and everything nice. Then i glanced to the nanny and noticed her imagining how it feels inside the plane specially on that window's seat. She's like day dreaming but suddenly stopped with her facial expression and felt ashamed when i acted to everyone how she looks like =)

Anyway, here's her pics. I'm also sorry if ever i sound mean with this post.


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