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Last year around July as far as i can remember, Social Security System updated their website into Java Server Page and Oracle database. I was delighted to the new design of the website and guessed we would have a great experience.

My fellow employees got so excited to check the new on-line inquiry system the SSS implemented. At first I registered, have my username and password emailed by the SSS website for at least a few minutes and start using. I was surprised after logging in, i was asked again to login. What the? And so, i login and checked if my remittances are still updated. Of course as expected, remittances are delayed for about six months.(That's their procedure of posting maybe). After that, my fellow officemates also registered. Some unsuccessfully registered while some failed to received their password because they used our organization's official email.

The updated system is more secure compared to the first one because anyone can check your contributions by just entering your last name, SSS number and birthdate.

And so, awhile ago i just decided to check their site just to read about their loan programs. I tried clicking the My.SSS menu and amazed that i can now login again. That's great! At least i can now check my contributions. I have here the screen shot of the login. Tried it and so far so good without the second login.

Screenshot after login.

Also the screenshot of the on-line inquiry itself. You will notice that the system doesn't have its menu and commonly addressed as not user-friendly =).

Actually, there are seven menus which are un-labeled blue horizontal line that will change its color into darker blue when you mouse over on them . Those with shadowed orange triangle are those with dropdown menu.

At the very left, just below birth date is employee's information dropdown menu. This is where you can check your Actual Premiums, Member Details, Employment History, SSS ID card and SSS Servicing Branch.

Next menu is for checking your benefit loan status followed by loan/short term application status. The rest of the menu is for you to find out because i really have to rest right now hehe..Just remember, those with orange triangle are those with dropdown menu. Explore it now. Hope we can have SSS representative here to describe the un-mentioned menus.

Anyway, I still appreciate the effort of the SSS people for updating OUR site. I just don't know how much they spent for the new system. I'm just wondering why they use the high priced database system and didn't use the opensource database system like mysql =). Yes, i'm advocating the opensource systems and Pres. Obama either because it's cheap. Well, i really have to rest because i got so tired baby sitting the whole day.


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