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Amazing milk caught my wife's attention.

March 4, 2009, I bought formula milk for my 6 months old son. Nothing's unusual with regards to the milk, same container and well-sealed. Since we still have a spare of milk left we did not open it immediately.

The following day March 5, my wife opened the sealed milk and to her surprise it was not the same content as we always have purchased. Seems like we've been tricked here, some un-Quality controlled system had happened or the container was just heavier compare to others.

I just hope that we won’t have the same next time we buy. There’s no formula in choosing the right item to know if it contains what it should be. All I can say is that, “pag minamalas ka nga naman” huhu..


Anonymous said...

dahil ba inimport ang NAN galing sa ibang bansa kaya di na nagchecheck ang Nestle?
gosh, magshishift pa naman sana ako for my baby from enfalac a+ to nan kaso it changed my mind..thanks.

ianemv said...

Di ko nga rin alam eh. Yun na ang huling bili namin actually. After that gain na gamit namin.

Anonymous said...

just wanna ask why it has a bitter taste?

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