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I'm not really surprised to learned that Brad Womack chose Emily Maynard.

Unfortunately, hopeful Chantal O’Brien didn't received the final rose from Brad Womack and was heartbroken.

the bachelor finale

Brad finally was able to profess his love for Emily after being in love with her for quite a while on the show. In my opinion, Emily Maynard touches every viewers' heart upon knowing her tragic story with her ex-fiance Ricky Hendrick.

I guess The Bachelor's followers knows Emily Maynard's tragic story.
It was a very tragic experience for a young lady to have left by her fiance who have been together since 15 years old and got engaged at the age of 19.
Why I wasn't surprised about Emily Maynard being chose by Brad Womack? Simply, I just noticed that every telecast of The Bachelor's telecast, Google searches for Emily Maynard, Ricky Hendrick and even the plane crash rises.

Back again with Womack and Emily Maynard, the two, have already had their issues and even planned to be married but postponed the wedding because of the issues. But I guess love will cover up those issues as Brad says he’s more in love with her than with any woman in his entire life while  Emily still says she is in love with Brad.

Issues aside, they are having since the show, I believe Brad and Emily will have the issues worked out.

Let's just pray for the success of the relationship of Brad Womack and Emily Maynard in the next coming years in their life.