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Alec Baldwin's angriness to Kim Basinger is still there right? Well how bout Kim Basinger making Alec even more angry to her?
kim basinger and alec baldwin

According to news from Chicago Sun Times, Basinger who tipped to paparazzi's about the actor's condition led into "major misunderstanding". Well, it just made her ex-husband Alec Baldwin mad again to her.

Here's the clip from Chicago Sun Times:
A major New York paparazzo claims he and other shutterbugs were tipped off by Basinger about daughter Ireland calling 911 last week. Now called a ”major misunderstanding” by Baldwin’s camp, that incident led to Baldwin briefly going to a New York hospital, before being released and declared perfectly healthy.
When Baldwin got home, he was infuriated by the huge number of paparazzi lurking outside his Manhattan apartment building — and had to be restrained from going after a photographer he claimed hassled him physically.
While Basinger’s camp denies any contact with paparazzi, my source insists it was the actress whose call came through immediately after the paparazzi picked up the 911 call via police radios.