11:39 PM

This is a personal experience of my wife when she arrived from KSA to Manila to Davao just this month.
Baggage with label PLATES.

Cebu Pacific was my wife's very first choice mainly because of its marketing banner "All-year round Promo" and with all the email updates we received almost everyday.

So much with that intro. Anyway, the very reason why one should avoid Cebu Pacific when carries a fragile baggage is that they don't handle it well.

Pictures below will further show what I wanted to share. Also, the baggage was labeled as PLATES back in abroad for much easier to understand. Somehow I realized that they Cebu Pacific crews understood the plates as bronze or steel plates and not a glass plates.

Btw, thank god the plates was in the middle so nothing was really broken. But we wanted to convey here is that, the service could have been much better. If the international flight have handled the baggage very well, why can't our domestic flights particularly Cebu Pacific can handle baggage well?

According to my wife, the baggage was in well shape when it was on its way from abroad to Manila. But when my wife arrives in Davao along with the baggage, she was disappointed to notice what happened to one of the baggage. In our understanding, they just piled up baggage without checking if it contains breakable.

Lesson learned from my wife's travel is to avoid Cebu Pacific when carrying fragile baggage.  Never again!