12:41 AM

It’s More Fun in the Philippines!  Yes it's true!

Whether It’s More Fun in the Switzerland! vintage ads is true or not, it doesn't really matter. What matter is
now. What matter is the good vibes the DOT or Department of Tourism brought today by their newest tourism slogan. It is incomparable to what the previous campaign does.

There was WOW! Philippines which was replaced by Pilipinas Kay Ganda but it didn't last because of some alleged copying of its logo from other country. Again that doesn't matter! It’s More Fun in the Philippines! for me is something that disrupt my focus for awhile and decided me to signout from work and blog about it.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines! has been trending on Twitter, Facebook and other social media today. Some appreciate its color,  light and with good color combination.  Looks like the map of Philippines was assembled Lego toy. If that's the case, it's more fun because Lego toys were made for fun right?

But not all were celebrating. As I've noticed, someone may have dig deeper from other sites and found out that there has been similar campaign long time ago. It was, I'ts more Fun in the Switzerland. But I guess, since there are many people in my circle likes the DOT's campaign, the negative critics will just die naturally and overpowered by us. Us, who likes the campaign It’s More Fun in the Philippines!

So, whether I'm always get lost in Davao City, Manila, or General Santos City, still It’s More Fun in the Philippines!