9:32 PM

With the sudden passing of Philippine's one and only King of Comedy, Rodolfo 'Dolphy' Vera Quizon, fans made their own way remembering him.

As most of TV stations pays tribute to Dolphy, replays of his interviews here and there viewers have the choice to watch his vintage movies. As a fan of classic movies, it's a chance for me to watch those particularly those I've missed during childhood.

The only scene which is still very fresh in my memory was when John  (Dophy's role in John en Marsha movie) and Marsha (played by Nida Blanca) have to remove the ring they borrowed from his mother-in-law. John's mother-in-law suddenly arrived to ask for her ring back but couple were having a hard time taking off the ring and the script lines, "Di mabunot, ang hirap talaga", "lagyan mo kaya ng matika" etc was just few of lines that I remember.

Dolphy as John Poronton brags his newly (full of stain) bought car. 
While Doña Delilah played by actress Delia Atay-atayan (John's in-law from the movie,tv show) hearing those, she maliciously taught the two are having a bed scene and just angrily leave without having the ring back.

With at most 254 movies, I'm pretty sure that lot of fans out there have their own favorite or unforgettable scenes from Dophy's movies. And oh, while posting this, Doña Delilah delivers her famous line "Kaya John, magsumikap ka" as the said movie ends.