8:17 AM

If you're an NBA fan, Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett is nothing new to you but if not then you should do  some Googling about them. Sounds like throwing you away? Well, you should go now if you can't take it.

Well, that's just a bit of thrash talking. That's moderate enough compare to Kevin Garnett's trash talking inside the court. Aside from KG's trash talking and intense playing I've recently that he has some habit of blocking dead ball. Dead ball or those shots made by players after referees have whistled.

From the video below, I learnt KG's habit I've mentioned earlier. It's pretty amazing but interestingly, I've also found out another similar video. It's Dwight Howard did the same thing. Blocking those dead ball looks funny to the person who got blocked. Unfortunately, it turns out the fun part backfired to Dwight Howard.

Here's Dwight Howard's version of KG's blocking shots against Allen Iverson.