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I now added NBA Finals 2013 as one of my favorites.

Frankly, I started following NBA season just years ago, 2009 to be exact. It was just one of those boring office days when I joined my office-mate watching his favorite player's (Dwight Howard) team Orlando Magic got beaten by LA Lakers.

From high school to college and to post college, I didn't actually bother myself getting updates whose leading regular season, playoffs standings and conference finals. All I care was, who bagged the trophy of NBA Finals. Added to that is that, checking standings is not as easy as the Internet age.

Yes, you can tag me as late bloomer but never a band-wagoner since I'm a Boston Celtic fan even though they were defeated by LA Lakers back in 2010. During those years of should I say absence in NBA, I'm only hearing names of star players like Kobe, Wallace, Iverson, Shaq and many more.

It was also those years when I learned not to like Kobe Bryant because most NBA fan would say, he's a ball hog-er. As a kid who watched basketball games from our place, being a ball hog-er is really irritating to watch. And learning that Kobe was of that type of player makes me sick. So when I learned that they were upset by Boston, I started to love the team. As I recall my childhood, I discovered that the guy I used to respond when asked who's my favorite basketball player in grade school was a Celtic. It was Larry Bird. I could remember myself shouting his name while throwing a balled up paper to the trash can.
Source : Tim Duncan is sad. (Getty) pic.twitter.com/DfQvFBaj0S

Anyway, I went back here at my blog to simply share how sad I am seeing Tim Duncan loss the championship. It was really devastating for the Spurs but all we can do is just watched them.Before the NBA Playoffs, as the Miami Heat earned their 27 winning streak, I've had in mind that will surely win this year's title. And they didn't fail my expectation. At some point in time, as I've watched them having a hard time with the Indiana Pacers which I didn't saw coming, who would have expected that they would have beaten NY Knicks who was leading the Eastern Conference during the early regular season but eventually ended next to Miami.

Since 2008, I've found myself on non-mainstream teamn during the NBA Finals, Orlando Magic in 2008, Celtics in 2009, Dallas Mavericks in 2011, OKC Thunders in 2012 and Spurs for this year. Only in 2011 that a team I rooted won the title. It was also the first year of the "Big 3" of Miami namely Lebron, Chris Bosh and of course Dwayne Wade. Why I joined the haters of Lebron James? First, when I read how un-sportsman he is, his flopping style, slight on non being loyal and of course how can't carry a team of his own.

Despite seeing Miami winning and dominating games, I was still not persuaded to like the team. I still can't take how Dwayne Wade hard fouled Kobe during 2012 All Star game and let's not forget how Wade injured Rajon Rondo back in 2011.

It was heart-breaking to watch Kevin Durant of OKC loss last season but this year's NBA Finals is just more intense as it reached game 7 and it was doubled.

Common denominator of the star player of the team I've sided with is "humility", I haven't seen Tim Duncan brag as much as LBJ does. Neither Kevin Durant.

What's really sadden me to watch are the chances of the Spurs to win the championship in Game 6 and Tim Duncan to at least to extend game 7 to overtime.  Despite that, I've also learned to love the young guns of SA Spurs Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green who are possibly will lead Spurs soon.

It's really over and I congratulate Miami as they won back-to-back title.