9:36 AM

It has been days since Arnold Clavio's interview with Janet Lim Napoles' attorney received an ire from various social networking and sites such as Facebook and Twitter and from video sharing site Youtube.

This isn't actually the first time the veteran news anchor received a negative comments from both viewers and netizens. Last year, Arnold Clavio was also critized with his racist comments about Philippine Azkals.

In the recent case, Arnold Clavio interviews Atty. Alfredo Villamor and since he was having a hard time getting the information he wants, he went out of control and uttered "Pansira ka ng araw", "Tatawa tawa ka pa dyan". Clavio and Atty. Villamor was clearly having a conversation problem, first Clavio already got the point that Atty. Villamor is Napoles' attorney for the case serious illegal detention. So when Clavio asked if when will be the hearing or Napoles' appearance in court, Atty. started his answer with a clarification question saying if it's for PDAF I can't answer but if it's for serious illegal detention then we are still waiting for the outcome of the resolution on the petition and there's no schedule yet or sort of.

Clavio ended his interview to Atty. Villamor saying he didn't get anything from him.

Below is the said interview.

Personally, I don't think this is something new to me since it stuff like this is just peanut compare to episodes of TV5's Tulfo shows T3. They humiliate the alleged suspect or person being complain to on live coverage irregardless of their personality or position in government.

Abuse of Authority.

I'm not saying that Clavio has the right to do such thing also but my point is that, why Arnold Clavio only? How about other TV shows or Tulfo's T3? Tulfo's sometimes does not give suspects a chance to speak during their interviews and they were even so arrogant. Those for me are abuse of authority. They also take advantage of their position to humiliate. In fairness to the T3, Atty. Villamor was courteous to Clavio during the interview.

As for the funny stuff watch Vice Ganda spoof of Arnold Clavio's interview from their noontime show It's Showtime.