6:40 AM

February of this year I applied Land Transportation Office's Student Permit since I intend to obtain a driver's license soon. Friends suggested that I should get Professional Driver's License instead of Non-Professional (Non-Prof), so I have to wait for 5 months to apply for new Prof. License since it's required to have at least 5 months old SP.

With more than 5 months old SP (10 months to be exact) and have a chance to process my license, I decided to make my one day vacation leave productive.

Of course my first step was to ask for requirements from the LTO office to be sure. From the LTO office, I was instructed to get medical certificate from LTO certified doctors and provide NBI or Police Clearance. Since I have already applied for NBI clearance May of this year, I just preceded to NBI office just walking distance away from LTO office. I managed to have my NBI clearance after lunch or at least 15 after 1 o'clock to be exact.

Before proceeding to LTO office again, took my lunch first since I'm so hungry by that time. Having all the requirements, I'm not sure why the personnel keep asking me if I have someone who will be assisting me. They were implying me that it's easier for me if I have one. Not that I don't get what they were trying to say but I can't really afford to give them extra on that day.

After I filled-up the LTO Prof. License form, the staff on the first step then forwarded to the next step's window where they took a picture of me followed by payment.

Upon paying, I was instructed to proceed to the "Seminar" room where I was handed with LTO handbook and instructed to read. I realized that, the reason we have so many driver's unfamiliar with traffic rules is that they were only given a handbook to read and take the written exam. What kind of a system is that? On my part that'll be fine, but how about those under-educated.

Finally in my entire life, I have proven myself how the dirty works inside works. During the "seminar" or reading to be exact, I noticed the guy who might be in his early 40's was just flipping the pages and I'm not even sure if he was reading or just waiting to be called for the next step or the exam proper. I was about 10 minutes earlier to him and we were both called to proceed to the exam room.

Amazingly, the guy was so quick to finish the exam. The only thing he's doing was shading the answer sheet. One thing I forgot was to signed and write my name on the answer sheet, I'm not really sure about the procedure but we were told that it'll be fill-up and signed after the result was given to us. From thereon, my suspicion to fail rises. Actually, from the first step, the personnel already told me that he's not sure if I will passed the exam since it's already afternoon or like it's late to them (1pm?) but I have insider's assistance, I will passed and if I get lucky, I won't be doing a practical driving test. That's cute but I'm already there so I'd like to go on with the procedure as much as I could.

By the time the result being handed to me, the personnel keep saying "hindi ka kasi nagpa-assist sa loob", what the? So I asked, what he meant by what he said, how does it work and how much. He just told me that they'll make sure that I'll passed by just paying P2000.00. No one was telling me about the price since from the first step even the staff whom I've known during my childhood told me that "mapahal ka talaga" or I'll be paying more if I'll ask for assistance.

Come on, it isn't "assistance" they're nothing but a fixers. LOL! I know it from the beginning. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll take exam again or not. Such a waste of time. I'll just pay some fixers, process them for me and deliver to my address perhaps.