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It's another day to me now and it's my second day of studying Drupal CMS/CMF.. It's been a long weekend to me learning the code of Joomla and i still i didn't get what i've been trying to code. Trying this, trying that. Removing this, adding that and everything, posting it Joomla! forums and still didn't get any luck. Anyway, that is our task as open-source system users. But if only API's are well documented then it wouldn't be that hard for us to contribute.

I happened to try other CMS like Xoops and Impress last weekdays and found them the same and honestly i liked them but not enough to satisfy my cravings =). Well, i have here my simple comparison of the CMS i've tried in the past couple of days.

CMS Program : Joomla

Lacking : Content
GACL like other CMS.

Advantage : Lots of components to use..
Easy to install components, modules and plugins
Organized components and modules at Joomla!'s website.

Comments : Very user friendly
easy to learn&use.
Joomla! core dev
should also focus on
GACL and good content management


CMS : Drupal

Lacking default WYSIWG editor

No content approval
or publisher by default
and have to find a module
for your users to access
content administration.

Click & run installation of modules..

Advantage Really good GACL
Good content sub-categorization
Also a CMF.

Comments : Should have at least one WYSIWYG editor on its package.
I believe it's better to have the modules easily installed.


CMS : Xoops

Lacking : Good rendering of WYSIWYG

Advantage : News modules

Comments: I've tried to install
FCKeditor but does not
render very well especially on table.


CMS: Impress
Same with Xoops..


CMS : Exponentcms

Lacking : Teaser for contents
Workflow policy does not function very well.
GACL like what Xoops and Drupal have.
Does not use CSS
Advantage : Easy to use. You'll enjoy creating pages/sub-pages.

Comments : Good for simple websites.
I've tried to limit users from publishing but still no hope for me.


Since I have not yet decided which is best for me, let me just summarize everything.

If you want a good content management system with minimal sections and no sub-level categories and very enticing appearance you should try Joomla.

Drupal, Xoops and Impress are very well recommended to those didn't enjoy Joomla!'s content sub-categorization and who didn't like its GACL implementation.

I will recommend Exponentcms to those who want to have a not so complicated website's content.

My next post will be comparison of the CMS above regarding on development of sub-package and templates. I just hope you enjoy what i have here. I know there's a lot of CMS out there and if i'll have more time i'll give a try.

Note: These are just based on my personal experience. Comments are accepted here.


GACL - Generic Access Control Lists

CMS - Content Management System
CMF - Content Management Framework
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