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Recently, have a chance to chat with a friend with robust experience in web development. Modesty aside a late bloomer than me when it comes to programming but he's great in web development. For me, whether you' re ahead or not in any computing technology it doesn't matter so long as can give what were asked from you. After a few chat he brainwashed with using framework instead of existing CMS. Maybe next time he will encourage me to develop my own framework.

On my last post I've tackled most common CMS around. All of them are great in their own way and make them successful based on the needs of their users. Maybe because of someone's review which make it more appealing to them. Day came along when i really need to develop my own CMS, basically i have developed a (maybe) non-secured one which only handles basic contents, displays pictures, list of contacts and etc. but i really don't have an idea regarding CMS's framework. I only knew MVC in Joomla! For a while i give a try on creating Joomla! components but in the middle of studying it i gave up because you have to do some hacking to really satisfy yourself specifically on ACL. Note: There's a component for ACL but it's for commercial. Not Free!

Weeks of researching and beta testing CMS's drupal, joomla, xoops and among others, i realized they don't fit to what i really wanted to have. Honestly, i was half-satisfied with Drupal's vocabulary & taxonomy (content's categorization and sub-categorization). It's cool but how bout giving me the freedom to delegate my own Role-Based Access Control? Please don't be mad at me drupalist. I know there are maybe modules on the corner of Drupal's site but can't hardly find it. But if i code my own component or module then it will be better and easy for me than walking-through their codes. Well, as planned few days ago will developed my own CMS but for the meantime i will be studying frameworks. I will stepped down from CMS to framework.

I know there are battles between CMSes. As a small time developer I can't easily embrace one's CMS's which give me a lot of headache. I can say that i will embrace PHP instead of saying i will embrace Joomla or whatever CMS is that. Now, i will be observing another battle. I will mention on my next post what are those key players in Framework technology.

So, well have a good time next.

MVC - Model View Controller
RBAC - Role Based Access Control
ACL - Access Control List

Module - usually a sub-program of a system. (depends on systems using it)
Components-same with modules.

Module in other CMS differs a lot so don't get confused. Joomla! uses modules as sticky blocks on webpages while it's termed as Blocks in Drupal/Xoops and some others.


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