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I'm proud to say that I am a baker.

Wanna know more? Well it all started when on my last post "Framework or CMS?" It's a nice feeling that I'm free from looking for extensions on a certain cms and trying to fit into my needs. It all ended when i discover the power of framework =).

It's almost 2 months since my last post and it's worth noting that i spent those days researching more about frameworks. My first encounter was Agavi, i read and read and read their manual and it seems that i won't enjoy using it. Then i research again just to satisfy my cravings on knowledge and I landed to CakePHP website. Since then i started my small project, just an intranet application intended to our local users in the office.

An on-line contacts directory. I find it necessary to all offices to have this kind of system since the task of looking for contacts and numbers etc is almost done everyday. It would be tedious to open your spreadsheet file from time to time and press Ctrl+F just to find the number and then open someone's directory just to check if he had the number your looking for. Applying it on an intranet is so easy if you have the right tools and eagerness to do the task. The feature is now working as what i did on MSAccess. Though i've done a contacts directory before( using MSAccess) i realized it's not that interesting anymore to do the same. You would feel bored if you would just do it over and over again. Btw, i used ajax on my search option. it's cute though.

Daily Time Record. I happened to chat with someone who told me that "don't take it so hard". He is suggesting me to do it on visual basic or any other else. Well, im not like him. I'm already done with my DTR using Cakephp. Isn't it nice to know that after a day or two i'm done with its core function? For me, it doesn't matter if i suffer myself just coding a simple program or easily be done in Visual Basic or MSAccess, more importantly is to achieved my goals.

Can't think of any other words to spread to world right now. My next plan right now is to learn CodeIgniter. Another PHP framework. Anyway, these frameworks helps us developers to develop web apps in rapid way.

As for my ending, Don't stop learning new things. Whether you need it now or you won't. Just learn.


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