6:01 AM

Nowadays chatting using IRC is not that popular anymore compare to my college days. When Yahoo Messenger (YM), Skype and other popular instant messaging (IM) software came to the scene, IRC chat clients gradually lost its popularity. Since I needed to use IRC client last year for chatting with fellow CakePHP, ExtJS and other Opensource community at freenode IRC server, I decided to look for Web IRC at Google.

Why I didn’t use the most popular IRC client MIRC? The answer is pretty straight. I don’t want to have additional software on my PC. So I started to use the Web IRC site “Mibbit”.

Btw, Mibbit is not just an web IRC client because you also login to your IM like YM and Twitter and you can also embed Mibbit as widget to your website as chat service.

Enjoy chatting with IRC.


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