11:19 PM

It's more than 10 years ago since i left public schools. Brigada eskwela by then was not that popular as term for voluntarily serving the school your are going to.

During my elementary and high school days, we were by then asked by our teachers to bring "bolo" (cutting knife) , broomstick , cellophane or rice sacks for cleaning operations. For the first one or two weeks as far as i can remember, all we do is to clean or clearing grasses in our school premises.

As i watched from television in the last few days, parents are also going to school assisting teachers and other school staff in preparation for the upcoming school days. I also noticed that school buildings and other facilities are being repaired.

Every year or class opening, teachers/faculties or even principals complains about their buildings, room capacities to accomodated increasing number of students. But no action has been taken though ,to think that our government has a huge budget for education. What can we do? Just voluntarily dole out our own money and service just make our school or education system progress? Keep receiving from donor agencies? While children continue eating overpriced noodles?

Hay naku! Nakakapagod nang pakinggan!


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