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Last year as far as i can remember, i visited my friend and noticed him Googling(searching) for cases for his law subjects. I asked him immediately if there are sites that have those cases he's looking for and he answered me that there is but sometimes you still have to look for another sites.

Last May 2, i just decided to create a blog that will be a compilation of resolved cases in the Philippines. I know that there are other sites that have the same content with mine or let me say as my source. But what differs with my site is that i labeled cases so that users can easily browse/find cases they're looking for. So most likely, what will you see are just resolved cases issued by the Supreme Court. Also, I won't have any insights with regards to the cases because I'm not a law practitioner at all. What i really wanted to do when i decided to create the site was to simply compile and post it there.

Right now, i'm trying to make the site more visible to Google or other search engine so that it can be found at the first or at least third page of search results. On the other hand, Ark (Hakuna Matata) also suggested me to submit the said blog to blog directories so that it will increase its chances to land on the first page of Google search results and increase its traffic. Initially i have submitted the site to four blog directories and eventually late today, i will submit it to other directories.

By the way, the site was initially indexed few days after i created but not the keyword "philippine cases". Note: To know if your site is already indexed, you can type at Google search box "site:www.yoursite.com".

Hope you find my latest blogsite informative. (I know it's a tedious blogsite)


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