7:46 AM

Remember Nate Dogg who died at 41 last March? , An incident happened at laundromat  for Nate Dogg's baby mama Rhoda . Car went out of control car and SLAMMED into the front of the L.A. area shop -- and almost took her out! .

Rhoda told TMZ -- she was washing her clothes and chatting on her phone when the car came breaking up through the front of the laundromat -- and within two feet of striking her.

Rhoda tells she was lavished in broken glass that burst forth in her direction from the impact -- with pieces even getting caught in her hair -- but fortunately, she was n't injured.

In point of fact, Rhoda kept her composure and quickly dialed 911... and emergency respondents quickly rushed to the scene.

As for the driver, TMZ were told she were OK.