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The Agua Bendita actress Andi Eigenmann breaks her silence today around 8Pm about

Andi Eigenmann posted on her Twitter account,

"For your better understanding, I've only had one boyfriend before Jake whom I've only been seeing for the past 2 months. Therefore, Jake cannot be the said ex-boyfriend whom everyone has been talking about,"

Two person has been pinpointed as father of Andi's pregnancy. First was Jake Ejercito, son of former President Joseph Estrada already refuted the speculation about him over Twitter. The second was ALBIE CASIÑO, who was said to be Andi's first boyfriend just before they joined showbiz.

Andi Eigenman in her first tv series Agua Bendita
Some say the two separated last year. But there are also reports saying that was only January 2011 they do break.

There was a conflict between former lover for allegedly accused of Albie was Andi as a "cheater" on May 2011.

No direct statement about the pregnancy was Albie's Andi, but the personal Twitter account of the mother young actor Rina Lee Casiño it was his statement today:

"No one's denying nor confirming. Just saying he is not her 1st bf & I did not hear Ms. Jaclyn Albie did u say?"

Converse of the radio-TV host Ogie Diaz Mrs.. Casiño and said this:

"Walang problema kung anak ko nakabuntis ke Andi. Blessing yan. And we welcome DNA Test."

But if the wide Andi was Twitter's statement, clearly referring to her father of her unborn child is nothing except Albie.