7:16 AM

Here's the exact title at Youtube,Korea's Got Talent] tvN 코리아 갓 탤런트 Ep.1 Sung-bong Choi!!!.avi, I stumbled upon this Youtube video when I checked on my Facebook just about an hour ago and left loading while some house chores.

Watching it over and over, there's some sort of doubt occurs to me if he's really telling the truth or the Korea's Got Talent producers are just making things up to capture a global attention.

Korea's Got Talent Sung-bong Choi

Sorry about that but I don't mean to offend anyone but it's just a personal opinion. Despite of my doubts, I'm really amazed with Sung-bong Choi's talent, indeed he has a great talent. At first, I just thought he would just sing a ballad song or sort of but surprisingly it was more than I could expect from him. That's the reason why, we should never judge anyone by appearance.

Anyway, here Korea's Got Talent auditionee Sung-bong Choi singing Nella Fantasia.