10:21 AM

Watch the video below how Mayor Sarah Duterte punches city court sheriff.

According to reports, Davao City mayor was asking the a two hour extension before the demolition should take place, that's if they would make it to the court of appeals.

In the late night news a while ago, DILG Sec.  Jesse Robredo said Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio could be removed from her post if it could be proven that she abused her powers.

Sarah "Inday Sarah" Duterte-Carpio explained that she lost her temper because City Sheriff Abe Andres of the Regional Trial Court in Davao City refused to heed her request to at least give them 2 hours extension as she still have to arrive from a relief operation in relation to Davao flood last June 28.

When Mayor Duterte learned that  situation had turned violentm she immediately preceded to the demolition site and summoned Sheriff Andres, as soon as Andres went near, she punched him in the face.

In the reports, Robredo Davao Mayor could either be reprimanded or dismissed from public office due to her actions.

Court Sheriff Andres suffered bruises on his face and head, and had to be brought to the hospital.

It was also reported that the sheriff not intend to file assault charges against the city mayor.