9:40 AM

Mila Kunis "Yes" to Sgt. Moore may be just a word Yes.

"Friends With Benefits" star agreed to Sgt. Scott Moore of the U.S. Marines who invited her via Youtube video to be his date for their Marine ball.

Posted by Fox411.com, Sgt. Moore seems to be excited when he said

"It's going to be a great experience to meet her, and it's going to make the ball more special for everyone.”

Unfortunately it has bee reported that Mila Kunis will be in production in late November but she'll try to meet Sgt. Moore in yet undisclose venue for private get-together.

Meanwhile, in an E! online report, although they confirmed that Mila Kunis schedule is very conflict, but the date is still possible as her posse are doing their best to organize Kunis production schedule and make the date of the two possible.