6:28 AM

Kawasaki disease could almost kill a four-year old boy but thanks to Facebook.

Deborah Kogan, a mother who posted her son's photo on Facebook later found out that his symptoms was of Kawasaki disease, as the commenting goes on.

Kawasaki disease's initial symptoms are fever and bloodshot eyes. In cause inflammation which then causes an aneurism, which may lead to a heart attack, even at that young age. Which can be cause of death.

During the discussion on Facebook, Deborah told in post at Slate.com,

Ten minutes later, I received a call on my cell phone from Stephanie, a film actress and former neighbor. "I hope you'll excuse me for butting in," she said, "But you have to get to the hospital. Now."

Deborah was very lucky to have Stephanie in her Facebook friend, if she wasn't, what would happen to Leo then. She wouldn't even know that it was the rare illness Kawasaki disease had hit her son.

Deborah ended her post thanking her friends on Facebook.

Such knowledge, to say the least, is isolating. But thanks to my Facebook friends and their continuing support, I do not feel so alone.