7:54 AM

Sinead O'Connor
Sinead O'Connor, Irist singer who brought us the hit Nothing Compares 2 You is barely unrecognizable with her new looks.

The Sinead O'Connor I remembered when I was in grade school was a bald woman who was skinny but when she sings, particularly her hit song, you will fall in love so quickly to her.

Reported today that Sinead O'Connor launched a new album entitled Home in which she also performed at the Manchester International Festival Pavilion Theatre on Friday. I've wished there'll be a video available online by now.

Music aside, Sinead O'Connor also known for being a fighter. In her Wikipedia entry, it was said that she once tore the picture of Pope John Paul on the Saturday Night Live Show in 1992. She once refused to perform at a venue where the American national anthem was played before the start of the performances.

Btw, I've embedded Sinead O'Connor's music video of her hit song Nothing Compares 2 U below so people who haven't seen her in younger years will be able to see the difference.