8:56 AM

Remember Spy Kids?

The franchise is back, well of course not the two children Carmen and Juni (Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara).

The Spy Kids : All the Time in the World' is set to release in August 19, 2011. Since this is already the fourth of the sequels it'll also be released in 4D.

Who would expect that the third sequel was the last one as it titled Game Over.


A mother returns to her old profession -- she's a retired spy -- in order to prevent a villain bent on stopping time.

Some of the lead casts

Jessica Alba ... Marissa Cortez Wilson
Antonio Banderas ... Gregorio Cortez
Alexa Vega ... Carmen Cortez
Danny Trejo ... Machete
Jeremy Piven ... Timekeeper
Ricky Gervais ... Argonaut (voice)
Daryl Sabara ... Juni Cortez
Joel McHale ... Wilbur Wilson
Tiger Darrow ... Hot OSS Agent
Mason Cook ... Cecil Wilson

Watch Spy Kids: All the Time in the World' Theatrical Trailer below.