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Anorexia can cause early death according to study.

Based on study posted over the internet today, Anorexia a disorder that causes lack or loss of appetite for food.
For music fans particularly rock, Anorexia was the cause that could almost take the life of Silverchair's lead vocals Daniel Johns.

Daniel Johns reveals that Anorexia could almost killed him, reported way back in 2004.

He admitted he was about to take his life many times as he battled the eating disorder in his late teens.

Johns, in his interview (2004) shared to ABC interviewer Andrew Denton:

"I could somehow convince myself that apples contained razorblades and wouldn't go to restaurants because I thought every chef in the world wanted to poison me.

"It [food] was just the enemy. I just hated the look of it, the smell of it. If anyone talked about it, I'd leave the room."

Johns weight goes down until 50 kilograms and it was also the time he has been suffering psychologically. His doctors were prompted to warn him repeatedly he was going to die if he let him get controlled. more about this interview here

Today, in the report of Reuters, it seems Daniel experience could prove Jon Arcelus, of Loughborough University in the UK who says,

"Of course, eating disorders have serious physical consequences,"

"The study could not identify how people died, but there is no doubt that the reasons behind this are related to the physical problems of the illness," he told Reuters Health in an email.

Arcelus's group carried out a meta-analysis of 36 studies published between 1966 and 2010, which included 17,000 people with an eating disorder, of whom 755 died.