6:57 AM

Disappointed today with Hostgator.com's domain registration.

I rarely check my Hostgator's cPanel account but this week I happened to check it out. The last time I visited, Hostgator has its promo for domain registration at $4.95 for .com until August 15. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to register one.

Later this afternoon around 4pm (Manila time), I've tried to registered a new domain since the price is still low compare to the moniker.com, where I register domains. Hostgator's DOMAINSALE promo priced .com domains at $7.95 while $9.59 at moniker. For more than an hour, despite so many trials I decided to checkout Hostgator live support.

I'm really sad I was not able to avail the promo.

Here are the reasons:

  • From screenshot above, when I checkout the cart it always displays the error above.
  • Domain registration is not easy as 1-2-3 steps. You have to be assisted by livesupport to get it done.
  • Live support created domain with no details.
  • LiveSupport was not that supportive after all
    • I've asked what happened and why the domain registration was problematic and I was not able to proceed with the cart. Got surprised that the guy already created an invoice for me without telling me how's he going to handle the issue. He's quick to process huh? 
    • Because of I'm impressed, I immediately paid via Paypal and was confirmed by the live support but didn't told anything what will happen next. Lame!
    • So, I asked what if I just request for refund, will I get full amount. The support was quick again. He surprised me that he's already processing for cancellation of my order. Simply wow! Was not even informed if my order is on its way for registration or what.
    • After lengthy of talks, I was informed again that my order for domain registration is still on process. Got confused now if the ticket posted by the support is for domain registration or order cancellation.
    • Live support (only a few cares for your concern) doesn't care about the issue I'm trying to emphasize. He doesn't seem to care if I register to other domain registrar. Simply because it's not his business. Live support from other sites are so concern and that they make sure they have exerted all their efforts just not to lose a client. I'm not asking them to please me, my concern is that, can they just tell me that they can process my order the soonest possible time? After all, this client is comparing our service with other service provider. Why can't they be concern with the client?

Since, we're getting nowhere I've decided to close the chat since the support told me that domain registration is on going.

After 3 or almost 4 hours, no update has been made, email or whatsoever. I decided to follow-up, unfortunately it's still on process. According to the new support guy, domain registration takes at least 24 hours. Wow, that's too long compare to moniker. I can register at Moniker.com on the spot. Of course pointing the domain to my host is a different story, but based on experience, all of the domains I registered at Moniker didn't take that long. The faster was less than an hour to get my newly registered domain accessible.

Price-wise it was advantageous for me if I bought a domain at Hostgator.com but unfortunately because of the process and span of time that will be spend for the domain registration, I decided to back-out.

Yes, I sound so complaining and unsatisfied with Hostgator domain registrar because registration from other domain seller sites is so easy.I thought it will be faster and more convenient on my part that I register a domain at Hostgator.

Lesson learned today, not to register at Hostgator domain registration service again. Regardless of its price offer, never to get tempted because in the end, it is still troublesome.

For now, despite the price I registered at Moniker.com. Again, so disappointed with Hostgator's domain registrar.