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I read from a blog of Statcounter that Bing Overtakes Yahoo! on June 4,2009 as second placer in search engine wars. This is the proof that Microsoft is really serious to position themselves in Internet industry.

Here's the screen capture of the graph that i saved.

Also noted that Windows Live is now redirected to Bing. Anyway, let's just hope that these search engine sites will do their best to satisfy us all.

Side note: i'm still waiting for the new Google Squared product if it's officially launched which I doubt so. (Comment is appreciated if Google Squared was officially launched.)

For graphical information you can visit here and Statcounter blog detailed info.


ark said...

Ang default homepage kasi ng IE eh msn.com kaya maraming gumagamit ng bing. At proof ito na marami pa ring gumagamit ng IE instead of firefox, hehe.. Try mo sa alpha wolfram, ibang klasing search engine din un.

ianemv said...

Agree to that Ark. Mas marami nga talaga ang IE users compare sa firefox or other browsers tsaka one day lang naman nangyari yun.
sinubukan ko Wolfra|Alpha, computational knowledge engine, ganda gawing calculator hehe..

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