11:33 PM

I noticed today that Yahoo! mail redesigned its interface particularly on the welcome page. Like Twitter, Facebook and Plurk Yahoo! mail users can now post a microblog from their mail account which i think will be visible to their contacts.

It seems like everyone has been joining the trend. It's fault of Twitter hehe..I think Multiply also did the same thing.

I think things like this makes our communication with our family, friends, colleagues much easier. On the other hand, this also makes us feel comfortable to be far from each other. what do you think?

Well, maybe in the future, personal interaction will be minimized too..


ark said...

Ah ganyan na ba ang itsura ng yahoo!mail ngayon? parang twitter ah. Yahoo!mail classic kasi ang ginagamit ko para mas mabilis.

ianemv said...

Yups..Meron pa nga "Connection suggestions" parang Facebook. Di talaga paiwan ang Yahoo! sa features. Sabagay okay naman ang classic ngayon, mabilis na rin pag open ng mga mails mo.

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