8:42 PM

Philippines. Yesterday (April 30) was the official show of the movie Iron Man 2 movie. Haven't heard any updates from my movie goers friends about the movie but I'm sure it's a great movie.

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo! Photo by Mark Fellman/Paramount Pictures

Today at the Yahoo! frontpage, I've seen another Marvel comic books hero adaptation and it's Thor! Thor known as God of Thunder. He might be the most powerful fantasy hero ever made by Stan Lee because in the first place he's not human after all ;). 

Thor is expected to be out in the cinemas next summer as mentioned at Yahoo! movies. The movie will be starred by an Australian actor named Chris Hemsworth.

An excerpt from Yahoo!

26-year-old Australian actor Hemsworth first gained attention from movie audiences in his brief but memorable role as George Kirk -- Captain James T. Kirk's father -- in the opening scene of last year's "Star Trek." Many well-known actors were considered for the part; Daniel Craig said he was approached to play Thor but turned it down. After an exhaustive search, Hemsworth won the role over many other young hopefuls. He even beat out his younger brother, Liam, who was most recently seen opposite his real-life girlfriend Miley Cyrus in "The Last Song."
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