2:19 AM

It's been three days since I requested fund from Ark for a certain online transaction via Paypal (PP). The following day after my request, I went to the site and ordered the item I wanted to buy. After finalizing everything, I clicked Checkout with Paypal but sadly it was unsuccessful because my PP account was not verified.

I immediately Googled other ways to get my PP verified and one of the ideal ways is to use Smart Money (SM) card which I already have. I found a solution here. I immediately went to Smart Wireless Center (SWC) to deposit for funding my SM while I was still waiting for response from Smart's 343 text. The whole day I didn't got any response even on the following day. When I called the SM's hotline, I was informed that the first four(4) digit of my SM card (5577) is yet allowed by their system (or would not be allowed) for Internet Txn. According to them the series allowed is 5299. I was suggested to apply for Instant Card which will be received right away but don't have engraved name on it. That's okay with since I'll be for immediate use.

I went back to SWC to apply for Instant card but unfortunately their system is down for processing the said card. I was then suggested to apply for new SM card which will be received in 2 to 3 weeks with my name on it. But, I still have to buy a new SIM for that. So there it goes, my Smart SIM is too old to get Internet Txn menu from Smart I guess.

Last night, I followed the procedure of obtaining a new SM account and filled-up the form required for applying one. Today, I already prepared my form and photocopy of my ID and proceeded to SWC to submit my application. Yet, I guess, I hope my last unfortunate event, SM application is OFFLINE.

My latest attempt in applying is this from SM's FAQ here.

For your convenience, you may apply for a SMART Money card online by visiting https://secure.smart.com.ph/money/apply.aspx

Damn! So unlucky this week!

Happy weekends to all.