7:14 AM

Since most of my blog posts are into an Entertainment site particularly Music, I have decided to post Lyrcis,  Lyics compilation :) Yes! It's really Lyrcis and lyics. Frankly I want to attract traffic out of this misspelled keyword but be able to offer some of my compiled song Lyrcis, lyics.

Lyrcis, lyics are just two of the most misspelled keywords looking for lyrics I have decided to optimized. As I mentioned earlier about my blog are likely into a music blog, I have also posts labeled with this keywords to help people with find some of the songs they're looking for. Annually, lyrics keyword is in top 100 keywords being search globally and having this project lyrcis , lyics compilation will somehow give a market share in traffic.

Some of the bands' songs lyrcis and lyics I'm going to compile are Ugyly Kid Joe, Dishwalla, Aerosmith, Nerf Herder, Honor Society and more bands in Alternative, punk, reggae and other sub-genre of rock. I have also posted some solo artists like Katy Perry, Alanis Morissette, Shawn Colvin, and oh Justin Bieber too ;). Also, I won't be limiting my blog posts to the generation I grow up with but also to classic bands like The Beatles, Beach Boys (soon), and of course not too soon are artists like Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra (born Dec. 12 like me). With more blogging days to come I think I'll be able to achieved my lyrcis, lyics compilation.