7:53 PM

I just feel like posting these videos. Back in 2006 I guess, when these two or I should make it three instead including the guy who always play games behind the two main performer was really hot. We would always watch their videos and check for new one. I consider this group as sample of people who became famous at Youtbe ;). In fact they have an entry to Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, Back Dorm Boys (BDB) gained media attention not just in their own homeland China but also in United States' popular tv show The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On the other hand, there is also a duo group in Philippines named Moymoy Palaboy ;) who became famous just like BDB.

I have embedded three videos here, two from Back Dorm Boys and one from Moymoy Palaboy.
  1. Back Dorm Boys' - I want it that way, I think this was their video that was really popular 
  2. Back Dorm Boys - Don't Lie, my favorite lip sync made by them
  3. Moymoy Palaboy - Volare, most popular

Read Back Dorm Boys at Wikipedia here.
Moymoy Palaboy here