7:13 AM

How true is this? Is this another ASAP XV Boracay scandalous moments? After Anne Curtis swimsuit malfunction, now it's Karylle nip slip?

Karylle Nip Slip

It really turns out that ASAP XV Boracay was a disaster if this is another scandalous picture. Party Pilipinas will surely laugh with this series of incidents or pictures that will be coming out (I hope not). I wonder what Dingdong Dantes would say and feel about this (if this is true). This is very sad for an artists with a quite wholesome image like Karylle and Anne Curtis.

In my opinion, these events will only catch more audience and expect a more incidents like these. Also, I think Party Pilipinas will consider these events a lesson avoid malfunctions like these or redo it instead to capture audience.

P.S. You can search from other site to see the uncensored picture.