11:22 PM

Today, I've read from CNET and Google System blog that Gmail added latest feature Drag and Drop attachment. How cool is that? Instead of looking for your files by click Attach a file, which shows up your file browser to locate your file, now you can simply open from separate Window your files and simply drag and drop attachment to your Gmail composition/new mail.

Here's some screen shots I took just a while ago.

Also, here's an excerpt from Google System Blog.

Gmail added support for a HTML5 feature that has been recently included in Firefox and Google Chrome: selecting files using drag and drop. If you use Firefox 3.6+ or Chrome 4+, you can now add attachments by dragging the files from your favorite file manager to Gmail. When you drag the files, Gmail shows a drop zone where you need to place the files.

Since I'm using Firefox 3.6, I'm lucky enough to try it. Have a try now!

Sources : CNET and Google System