8:11 PM

As of this posting fireball in the sky last night in number twelve. Now it really makes me wonder what are these events. See also item number one from the image below, Utah earthquake there are have been series of earthquakes from different countries.

Are these just beginning of the prophecies of Nostradamus? What do you think? I still haven't watch the National Geographic (I guess) documentary about the perfect storm the will hit earth in 2011. According to my former teacher and now neighbor, the said perfect storm is a heatwave blast out away from the sun. This blast only occurs once in every 20 or 10 years and for the past it didn't actually hit the earth but in 2011 it will directly hit our planet.

We may all be skeptical about these documentaries and prophecies but we never know what's going to happen in the next coming days.

You may also watch the video below. The said fireball in the sky happened last night above five Midwestern states namely Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana; a giant fireball lit up the night sky at around 10:00 PM CT.