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Looking for mayweather vs mosley replay? As of this posting, I'm still looking for videos for mayweather vs mosley replay. If you missed the fight, Mayweather won the battle and dominated it from round three to twelve.
I was expecting Shane Mosley to dominate the rest of the rounds after owning the second round.
Unexpectedly, Mayweather did not gave Mosley a chance to do so. He did well in this fight and not being a defensive but an offensive fighter.

Here's the scorecard

Mayweather vs. Mosley Round by Round Live Scores

Floyd Mayweather10910101010101010101010119
Shane Mosley9109999999999109

In the mean time you can visit Ark's Mayweather-Mosley HBO 24/7 series .

This post will be updated once mayweather vs mosley replay video is available