8:45 PM

Questions :
  1. Tired of using your corporate email account interface?
  2. Do you have a limited allocated space from your corporate email?
  3. Do you have a Gmail / Google mail account and want access both your email at the same interface?

If your answers to those three questions are YES then perhaps it's time for you to move to Gmail.

To start this, I would like you to visit Gmail: Google's approach to email to fully understand and appreciate Gmail.

Assuming you already have your Gmail account, first you need to login onto it and click the Settings which you can find at the top right or just next to your Account name. Next is to click/select Accounts and Import, you will have this sample screen.

From the screen above, you can start the pop up window wizard (step by step procedure) in Adding external account to your Gmail. See also sample screen.

If you have follow and provide your corporate email account then your Gmail will start fetching your emails. Take note also at the part of the wizard, there's an option there Leave a copy to server, if you have checked this option the Gmail would still leave a copy from your corporate email.

Upon sucessfully adding your corporate email then you can also configure the default Sender or From field of your email. But I would recommend to choose at When receiving a message: the option  Reply from the same address the message was sent to, so that the your contacts would not easily noticed that you were using different email.

I hope I have shared with you a good tips today.